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Guidelines for Authors


Authors will be required to submit, MS-Word compatible (.doc, .docx), papers electronically after logging in at our portal and accessing the submit a paper link, available at Online Submission. Once the paper is uploaded successfully, our automated Paper Submission System assigns a Unique Paper ID, acknowledges it on the screen and also sends an acknowledgement email to the author at her/his registered email ID. The authors must quote /refer to the paper ID in all future correspondences.


IJCCMIF seeks to provide a central vehicle for exchange of innovative ideas in the Science and Technology between the research workers and engineers located throughout the world. Only those papers that convey original unpublished research of permanent interest will be accepted for publication. In all cases, the highest priority will be given to those contributions which increase our basic understanding of the science and its application. The subjects covered in this journal include, but are not limited to: the mechanical, electronics, Computer, management and building sciences. Authors can submit the following articles - research, review, case study and letter to the editor.


Articles for IJCCMIF must be submitted through the Journal Submission Site.
If you are already a registered user begin at enter your username and password, and click on the Login button. If you are not a registered user follow the instructions below.


All users of the IJCCMIF submission site must be registered.
If you are a first-time users you can begin at , click the New User icon located at the top of the page, on the next screen complete the registration form and then click the Submit button located at the bottom left side of the form.

Your form will be reviewed and an email confirmation will be sent to you within 24 hours (not including weekends and holidays). Keep your username and password available for further use on the submission site.

Logon information is case sensitive; always be sure to enter the appropriate upper and lower-case characters. Never register a second time on the submission site.

Having more than one account on the submission site will create difficulties in working efficiently and being able to access all articles assigned to you. If you forget your password go to and enter the email address that you used when you registered.

Within seconds you will receive an email providing you with your username and temporary password. Once you receive the email containing your logon information, return to , enter your username and temporary password, and then click Login.

On the next screen you will be asked to provide a password of your choice. Enter the password and click Login. You will now be logged onto the submission site. If the email that you used when you originally registered is no longer available to you please contact for assistance.


  • 1. PREPARATION OF ELECTRONIC ARTICLE FILES: Write in clear, concise English. The author is responsible for all aspects of article preparation. Extensive changes to the article will not be undertaken by the Editor or during the production process. Each manuscript must be accompanied by a statement that it has not been published elsewhere and that it has not been simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • 2. ORIGINAL ARTICLES SUBMITTED for possible publication in IJCCMIF Journal should be submitted in a single PDF file that includes all text, figures, and tables in single-column. Please use 12-point type and Times New Roman typeface for all text and figure captions. Please ensure that high quality figures and tables are provided and that any text that is an actual part of the figure be no less than 9-point type. Please remember that although your original submitted manuscript is required to be in PDF format for reviewing purposes, your accepted article must be provided to the publisher using word file in prescribed format.
  • 3. DECLARATION OF ORIGINALITY: Each article submitted must be accompanied by a statement that the article has not been published elsewhere and that it has not been simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere. The original electronic files of drawings, photos and the article should be retained by the author until the conclusion of the publication process. This statement should also confirm that all tables and figures are your original work and no permissions are required.
  • 4. PERMISSIONS: Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyrighted material from other sources and are required to sign an agreement for the transfer of copyright to the publisher. Please note that if a figure or table was previously published the copyright for that figure is usually owned by the publisher not the author. ALL PERMISSIONS MUST BE UPLOADED WITH THE FINAL DRAFT OF YOUR ARTICLE BEFORE YOUR ARTICLE CAN BE PROCESSED.
  • 5. REVIEW PROCESS: The Editor will seek reviews of submitted articles from appropriate experts and will do their best to have the articles reviewed as quickly as possible. It would be helpful if you recommend 5 potential Reviewers when submitting your original manuscript. Each article will be reviewed by at least two reviewers. Submission implies that the author is willing to consider making any necessary revisions requested by the Reviewer/Editor. Retain all original figures until the conclusion of the publication process. Please upload your corrections onto the submission site.
  • 6. REVISIONS: After your article has been reviewed, the Editor will inform you if any revisions must be made before your article can be accepted for publication. If revisions are required you must upload your revised files onto the submission site. After uploading your files onto the submission site, please remember to click the Submit icon.
  • 7. ACCEPTED ARTICLE: After your article has been accepted for publication, please provide your electronic files in the IJCCMIF template in doc/docx format. Figures (Minimum resolution 300dpi) can be submitted in the following formats: tiff, jpeg, eps or similar program files. All files should be uploaded onto the submission site using your original username and password. After uploading your files onto the submission site please remember to click the Submit icon. Accepted manuscripts are eligible for rapid online posting if a valid copyright form is received and nothing is missing, such as Word files, applicable figure files, permissions, key words, etc. Along with your program files we ask that you provide a PDF file of the complete article that includes text, figures, and tables. This PDF, which is the accepted uncorrected version of your article will be available on the Journal Home page, listed under "Accepted Articles." Posted articles will include DOI numbers so that papers can be cited and referenced immediately. Authors will receive notification from IJCCMIF when the typeset proofs are available and when the final version is posted. Papers listed under Accepted Articles will be removed once the edited and final typeset version is completed and posted online under the appropriate journal volume and issue.
  • 8. TRANSMITTAL AND COPYRIGHT FORM: The copyright form can be found when you upload your original manuscript files or on the Authors Hub. Each article submitted for publication must include a signed copyright form.
  • 9. ALL ARTICLES MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: Author Information: Author's full name, affiliation, and e-mail address. Corresponding author's complete mailing address and e-mail address. Co-authors' affiliations and e-mail addresses.
  • 10. AUTHOR PROOFS: Corresponding authors will be notified by email when the typeset proof of their article is ready for them to review. Upon receipt of the email please log on to the submission site to review the proofs. After reviewing your author proof you must return to the submission site to either approve your article as is or upload your corrections. If approving your article as is, log on to the submission site, click on the article, click Submit, follow the prompts to the comment field, in the comment field, indicate that you are approving the article as is, then click Submit. If you are providing corrections, log on to the submission site, click on the article, upload your corrections file, click Submit, and follow the prompts to submit the article to the typesetter.
  • 11. Publication Charge: #
  • 12. Publication Time: Time taken from submission to first decision – 1Week, Approximate time taken from submission to Acceptance – 6weeks, Approximate time taken to submission to publication – 8weeks.
  • 13. Copyright form: Email us to to download the IJCCMIF Copyright agreement form